Is a New Year really new? Lets just look at it this way. Just because our Earth is mostly referred feminine I’m taking an unusual scenario here for comparison.  Think of our world taking a stroll around the Sun like a girl following a guy who is in impeccable love. All she could do these years was just follow him for 365.256 days and nothing more. She is trying hard to get his attention by doing this merry-go-round every single day but could never express her feelings. This guy is so bright and charming that he is the center of attraction of the whole thing. Nothing to blame her, because she is already in competition with 8 others who is following this same guy. And this one sided love story is going to continue for one more whole year and it is Day 1 now.

Science says that our universe is more that 13 billions years old, our Earth and Sun are more than 4 billion years old and human life is 6 million years old. With all these available for so many years, do you think that they were new at some point of time ? They were never new. They simply existed, discovered or created by some combination of matter. When you visit a new city or a country you feel it is new to you but it is just that you are destined to be there at that moment because of your decisions. The fact that I’m 25 years old now is also not true. Why ? because I simply calculate it from the day I was born but I know I existed even before that in my mother’s womb.

Our lives are made simple today by the existence of machines. We say there is new technology that is being developed every single day. But is that technology new? I would say people just came to know that things can be simplified when different things are put to use together. These are creation, innovation and discovery. When we look at them deeply, the root of all these comes down to “Thoughts”. It was a thought that led to all this creations and innovations.

It was just Pythagoras’s thought that Earth must be round and not flat but it was actually proved only thousands of years later. It was just a thought that a satellite(Mangalyaan) can be launched with a sling shot concept. It was just a thought that created Paralympics for physically disabled people to show their talent. It was just a thought that data can be transmitted over air and now we are here making money out of thin air. It was just a thought that if your bike doesn’t start, you can give it a push and start it using the clutch with the momentum that it has gained. It was just a mom’s thought that adding some cardamom in tea would give a nice taste to it. 🙂

A simple thought can make such a huge impact. It can change the way people live and look at things. It can bring happiness. It can bring a revolution. The power of your thoughts are immeasurable. Let them flow the right way. Think positive you will feel the difference.


🙂 🙂 🙂