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Selling my Super Computer for some Samosa

Year: 2007 It was my 10th grade summer holidays. I started unboxing my brand new personal computer that my dad had purchased for me. Believe me this was one of the most exciting moment in my life. I always found it fascinating to meddle with computers from my childhood. And the fact that I owned … Continue reading

The money game – Is it worth it ?

“Do you know how much is the donation for an Engineering seat in your college?” We haven’t met since our school days. My friend had called me the other night with this question. It was for one of his friend’s brother who had given his 12th board exams. I realized that it was the exam season … Continue reading

What is New here ?

Is a New Year really new? Lets just look at it this way. Just because our Earth is mostly referred feminine I’m taking an unusual scenario here for comparison.  Think of our world taking a stroll around the Sun like a girl following a guy who is in impeccable love. All she could do these … Continue reading

Passionate Ride(r)s

Weekend getaways

The mystery of a Dream

I wanted to return home early from my work. I was on my bike driving down the usual road. The road was congested because some heavy transportation lorry was driving on the wrong side of the road which blocked almost the entire road. I could hear honking all around me. I was adjusting myself to the … Continue reading

Hunky Handsome Hexa is here

With only 2 more months for launch, here is a insight and my hands on experience with Tata Hexa. When it comes to SUV segment, buying one is a big decision to make because you have to look at lot of aspects before you arrive on the conclusion. a. How does it look? Does it … Continue reading

Trekking Tada

A walk-through of our road trip from Chennai –> Tada –> Chennai.. On a brisk Saturday morning we gathered for some adventure. We were a group five, who wanted to cool off some corporate restlessness. We decided Tada (Ubbalamadugu Falls) would be the best place for the day. It was the 1st time for my … Continue reading


Uneven and scrambled enough already, I rise after every hit; just destined  to be discarded when stuck.

A lost dream

Corporate world consumed his thoughts with meetings and mails mystifying the mind. his art dreams still within !

A Run to Remember…

The farthest I ever ran was when a street dog chased me when I was a kid. I couldn’t remember how long I ran that day but I kept running till I was out of my breath. Fear of not getting myself bitten was my only motivation to run that day. Back in my school … Continue reading

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