to do something that interests you is what matters

About me

Thanks for the StandBy 🙂

As a kid, I wanted to be a scientist but then Electronics Engineering happened.
My Full time job – Embedded Software Engineer
My Part time job – It depends. I explore and learn things which interests me. I have blogging, drawing and photography added to this list.

This blog is built with bits and pieces of all that I like and dislike. Hope you will like it.

13 thoughts on “About me

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  1. Hey buddy ,
    Iam a student in chandigarh … iam in production engineering but i have a deep interest for these RC stuffs like the quadcopter you have made. Can you please tell me where and how can i get the relevant and the required knowledge to start building these on my own. And how can i get the materials within india. Hobby king might require a credit card right ??

    1. Hi, you can get all rc parts in big wholesale electronic stores. Hobby king would be better and safe but yes it requires a card. And there are tons of tutorials available online to build quad. Go for it and start making. You will learn once you start. 🙂

  2. A man with so many different talents! Awesome bro. Glad to find you. You should have been a scientist. But electronics engineer can also invent something! Maybe some improvement to quad-copter?!

  3. So inspired and in awe of your blog……literally my jaw is hanging open in astonishment that such a versatile genius exists…..reading your blog gave me the push I needed to start our own blog (with my friend)….thanks for sharing your thoughts, superb short stories and simply amazing artworks……keep rocking…👍

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