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Avaluku nigar illai..

Avaluku nigar illai..

Naan Pirapatharku munnarae poorithaai.. Un ulirunthu uthaitha pothum sirithaai.. Un uyir kondu ennai petreduthaai.. Naan seiyum setaigalai kandu migaithaai… Un alavilla anbai anubavathudan koduthaai.. Naan azhum pothu aaruthalai irunthaai.. Thadumaarum nerathil thannambikkai koduthaai.. Thavaru seiyum pothu thanmaiyaai thandithaai.. Thedamal kidaitha theivam nee.. Thedinalum kidaikathu enpathu antha theivathirkum theriyum.. Thaaiyae – Un saranangal thozhuthu sevai seiya … Continue reading

Creativity is act of Courage. Avoid Opinions – Paulo Coelho

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  • RT @life_cheates: You can't make the same mistake twice. The second time you make it, it's no longer a mistake, it's a choice. 4 days ago
  • Childhood - U have so much time to think what to think about. Adulthood - U have so less time to think what you have been thinking about. 6 days ago
  • Be strong to get blows that life shoots at you but be sure to stand up every time it does. 6 days ago
  • You don't find the things when you need it the most. #truestory 6 days ago
  • #ItsADateIf I see any of these mm/dd/yy dd/mm/yy yy/dd/mm ( ^_^) 1 week ago

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