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Drawing Ironman – Inverted sketching

Here is a video of this drawing in making. Check out my video of this drawing in this link – Drawing IRONMAN (inverted sketching)

Eye sketch

Doing a lot of eye sketches recently. I think I should focus on other things as well 🙂 A quick sketch for the weekend!

A pair of Eyes

Sketching a pair of eyes. Trying to improve my sketches to achieve more realism. A long way to go. 🙂

The unspoken words.

Their silence sustained;  lump of words were almost said. Emotions swallowed…    

The perfect couple

Ellie and Carl Fredricksen had an excellent chemistry. Everything they wanted was in common. It just sparked between them the very 1st time they met. Carl knew she was the one when Ellie showed him her lifetime secret of exploring and living near the Paradise falls. They start their life together with a goal to … Continue reading

Joker – The Dark Knight 

Pencil Sketch of Joker from the movie “The Dark Knight”

Say my Name…

This is my 1st portrait sketching. Have been trying to learning sketching for sometime now. Will be posting more. 🙂

Parisal – A stunning view

Tea Room – Kodaikanal

Green Lust

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