An Electronics Engineer by profession. But as a hobbyist I'm drawn towards various topics which is what this blog is all about. :)
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Drawing an eye – Pencil art

Here is my another attempt to draw an eye. I tried drawing a bigger one this time to capture the details and achieve some realism. 🙂 Effort – Around 5 hours Tools – Faber Castell (2H, 2B, 4B)     Advertisements

A little more than coffee

Cups rare and unlike, sugared to our own taste; but shared not just coffee.    

Selling my Super Computer for some Samosa

Year: 2007 It was my 10th grade summer holidays. I started unboxing my brand new personal computer that my dad had purchased for me. Believe me this was one of the most exciting moment in my life. I always found it fascinating to meddle with computers from my childhood. And the fact that I owned … Continue reading

Drawing Jon Snow aka Kit Harington

Here is my latest sketch of Jon Snow from the TV series Game of Thrones. I lost track of the total effort hours spent on this one. The realism part is not that great and I know Mr.Jon Snow looks a little bit chubby here 😀 . A lot more to improve. I didn’t record … Continue reading

Lazy automation – Leaving office on time using Python

No. It is not what you think. Firstly, I’m not the kind of person who wants to run away to my home quickly after my effort hours inside office gets over. I know the title of this post could be misleading but my actual intention of this was something else. My office has a bio-metric … Continue reading

Lazy Automation – Taking a Break using Python

I disconnected the call. It was my mom. She always complained that I don’t drink enough water or take breaks particularly when I’m working. I don’t do it intentionally but when I’m working on something I usually forget to take a break. I know it is necessary to take short breaks. It is said that … Continue reading

Drawing sigil of House Stark

Into the Wild

Wilderness haunting Exploring with joy and fear An empty wild romance

Drawing Harry potter

Here is my speed drawing video of Harry potter. This took me roughly around 8 hours to complete.

Drawing Ironman – Inverted sketching

Here is a video of this drawing in making. Check out my video of this drawing in this link – Drawing IRONMAN (inverted sketching)

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