A species who has a little of more things combined together. Strongly believes that "Art is long, life is short" and a lifetime is insufficient to master even one. ~ Silent ~ Silly atTimes ~ Truthful Always
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Say my Name…

This is my 1st portrait sketching. Have been trying to learning sketching for sometime now. Will be posting more. 🙂

Parisal – A stunning view

Tea Room – Kodaikanal

Green Lust

A game of DICE… 

I see you… 

A hot one…

She squinted her eyes while rolling her tongue on pale lips. It was a scorching day !

They never lie. Do they ?

  “I can hear all the things that you say but I believe only when your eyes acknowledge it.”    

The money game – Is it worth it ?

“Do you know how much is the donation for an Engineering seat in your college?” We haven’t met since our school days. My friend had called me the other night with this question. It was for one of his friend’s brother who had given his 12th board exams. I realized that it was the exam season … Continue reading

Visitors through the window.

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