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RC bot in Action

Hi . . I previously posted about how to make a simple RC car <click here for more>.. Here are a few videos of it in action at various events. . . 1.At the Multi Terrain competition at MIT College. More videos will be updated shortly 😀 Advertisements

Quadcopter Basics

Having attracted towards flying machines from my childhood, I always wanted to make a copter or some flying machine for myself. So I decided to learn some basics for building one. I went through some stuff on the internet and found a Quadcopter would be cool ! In here let us see what a quadcopter … Continue reading

Make a RC Robot Car

Hi all! Here i’m going to teach you how to make a RC car. Requirements:- DC motors ( 200 rpm ) – 4 nos. 12 V Battery. 2 DPDT switches. wires . A metal body for you car . My Final car ! 🙂 Everyone knows that a Motor rotates clockwise if connected normally . … Continue reading

Robotics – An Introduction !

The word “robot” originates from the Czech word for forced labor, or serf. It was introduced by playwright Karel Capek, whose fictional robotic inventions were much like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster – creatures created by chemical and biological, rather than mechanical, methods. But the current mechanical robots of popular culture are not much different from these … Continue reading

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