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Say my Name…

This is my 1st portrait sketching. Have been trying to learning sketching for sometime now. Will be posting more. 🙂

A game of DICE… 

I see you… 

They never lie. Do they ?

  “I can hear all the things that you say but I believe only when your eyes acknowledge it.”    

A view of Mysore Palace

A small attempt trying to sketch the Mysore Palace 🙂

Work while you work.

  And my crazy drawing habit continues even in office 😛  

Yamaha R1

My sketch of YAMAHA R1….. 🙂

Waiting for a Ride…

Modern Art = Modern Warfare + Creative Art !

I need that M16 rifle to shoot my staffs at college 😀 . Where can i get one ?

The Six Sixes Singh !

Yuvi !!! From Classmate notebook advertisement  🙂

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