Let us start this with some facts.

Data as on 15-Aug-2018:
Anna University, Tamil Nadu has announced the status of the 2018 Engineering counselling. 4 rounds of counselling has been completed so far and here are some shocking results.

  • Out of 473 private Engineering colleges which took part in the counselling, 226 colleges did not even fill 10% of seats.
  • Out of the 226 colleges, 140 did not even fill 5% of seats.
  • 35 colleges did not fill even 1 seat.
  • Only 12 colleges filled above 90% of seats.
  • With 2 lakh Engineering seats available in the entire state, just 1/4th of seats are filled.

This is a huge set back to both Engineering field and Engineering colleges. If you look at the past 10 years, the outcome of Engineering graduates were booming. There was a constant battle as which field topped the list every year. But even with so many number of fields to choose from like Electronics, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Automobile, Instrumentation, Aeronautical, etc.., today the results reveal that students have procrastinated Engineering as a whole.

What happened? Why has the count fallen down so much? The reason is “Fear of unemployment”. With the surplus amount of Engineers coming out every year how many of them actually make it to the employed pool? Just a handful. Which raises the next question, why aren’t Engineering graduates not able to find a job after college? The problem here is not the quantity of Engineers but with the quantity of “Qualified Engineers” coming out each year.

First thing is the education system. Is the curriculum today good enough to make you survive in the market out there? Are they teaching you technology that will help you sell your knowledge for a job? Do you gain the necessary skill set for today’s requirements? All these are questions that pop up in our minds.

In any Engineering course, the first couple of semesters deal with the basics. It is a mixture of all engineering fields. You like it or not you still have to learn them. Your core engineering starts somewhere from 4th semester. The theory – practical ratio is pretty bad. This is a huge drawback. Students are not able to visualize why they are reading all the stuff! They don’t teach you the correlation of the content that you learn with real life examples. Believe me they still teach you how to code to find factorial of a number.

Although we can’t deny that the basics are necessary to have a good understanding of other concepts, we need to be educated with more challenging stuff. A single project in the final semester is not going to help the students to survive in today’s job market. The ugly truth here is that very few students do this final project on their own while the rest buy it somewhere for money. Unless the curriculum and the teaching methods are going to be improved, the quantity of “Quality Engineers” is going to be less. There should be more practical approach of learning the concepts, more projects (say like mini projects in every semester). Students must be encouraged to come up with new ideas and designs in their fields. This could kindle them to be entrepreneurs some day.

Second important thing is a student’s interest towards the field. Never ever choose Engineering if you have any of these in mind,

  • Because it is trending.
  • Because Sharma ji’s son is an Engineer and he is earning much.
  • Because you actually don’t know what else to choose, so go with Engineering.
  • Because you just want a degree behind your name.

Choose to study engineering only if you are interested towards the field. Choose it if you are fascinated by technology. Choose it if you love creating things. Engineering is everywhere. It is in from what you see to what you feel in your everyday life. Your mobile phone, your office, your house, your vehicle, everything is an outcome of engineering. As long as the world is developing, Engineering is not going to die. So understand what you need to be and choose wisely.