Consider a situation where we read a document which is rich in vocabulary and most of the words seem advanced. It could be a novel, a online course material or anything for that matter. We tend to understand the meaning of such words by reading it more than once or by the context in which it is used. We don’t go around and take that extra step to look for the exact meaning of those words.

How about we have an automated solution for this purpose?

Here is a simple Python application that I wrote while trying to understand the concept of web scrapping.
This is what the script does:
-> Gets the word that is copied by the user from the clipboard.
-> Gets the meaning of that word from web.
-> And sends it as a pop up notification.

So all you have to do is keep this script running in the background and go ahead and copy any word for which you need to understand the meaning.

Here is a video of how the script works.


This is just a simple working demonstration. The script is not optimized and there is no error handling that is implemented. So don’t copy a word that is not available in English dictionary and expect it to work. 😀