This is neither a love story nor about spending time with someone else. This is about you.

Do you spend time with YOU?

Interesting question, isn’t it?

A typical day of an average person starts by waking up in the morning and performing the usual household chores, packing lunch, dropping your kids at school, fight traffic and reach office, read mails, report your last day’s status, drink coffee, attend calls, schedule meetings, look at the clock, eat with colleagues at lunch with some chit chat, make your way back to desk, start your actual work, attend more meetings, send more mails, drink more coffee, curse yourself for making that silly mistake which you did yesterday, find the root cause, fix it, feel wonderful about it, look at the clock, leave office, fight back at the traffic and reach home, eat dinner, watch TV, gossip with other members of home and go to sleep. This routine could be different for you. But then
it’s the same thing that you keep doing everyday.

It may seem like a well spent day for you but have you thought how much time you spend for yourself in a day? Like a “me time”? Let us forget about a day. How much time do you spend on yourself in a week or in a month? We are so much into the race that we forget to enjoy the little things around. You no longer do things that make you smile. You no longer do things that makes you feel contended. You no longer do things for yourself. Most of us today don’t even love our daily job. We do it for the sake of others. To earn money and provide for others. We look for weekend eagerly to rest. Not to enjoy but just to rest so that you will gain some energy to start the race all again the next week. How many of us are allocating time to do things that we love to do?

It doesn’t have to be something big. It could be simple things.

  • Play a sport – That childhood sport that you loved the most which you now only watch in TV. Give it a try. It doesn’t matter if you are too old for it.
  • Pick up your hobby – Everyone has a hobby. If you don’t have one, I would say that you just haven’t realized it yet. Make it as routine in your daily activity or weekly activity.
  • Learn an art – By learning I’m not talking about joining a course and paying for it. Try learning it by yourself. Be your own master. Learn to cook. Learn to play an instrument. Learn to do something that you wanted to but you couldn’t. It is never too late to start learning anything.
  • Help someone – The level of satisfaction that you will get by doing this is immeasurable. Teach someone the things that you know. Help someone without revealing your identity.

My alone time involves a few activities. I recently started sketching. Pencil and paper has become one of my key “me time” activity lately. It keeps me so much involved that I forget about the other things when I start drawing. I also do gaming and photography sometimes. While drawing is more of a silent activity, gaming is fun and photography adventurous. And if you are reading this now, then you are experiencing a part of my another “me time” which is “writing”. I wish I continue doing what I’m doing and keep adding more to it.

What is yours?