Photographs are story tellers.

Photographers have a unique style of telling a story with their photographs. There are a lot of aspects like the subject, composition, lighting etc.. that are put in place to capture a perfect photograph which tells us a beautiful story which can be felt just by looking at it.

But there are another set of photographs. Photos that has emotions hid behind them. Do you remember the times when your parents or grandparents show a simple framed black and white photo dated 30 or 40 years back and tell a story out of it? You could literally feel the moments when they narrate it. Wonderful, isn’t it?

Mobile phones today has given us the freedom to capture the moments that we want to be saved and cherished forever. And the term “selfie” gave a whole new dimension to photography. You no more need someone else to click a picture of you. It is as simple as opening the front camera of your mobile phone and stretching your hands out. With selfies today, our phone’s gallery is overflowing with pictures of wherever we are going.

I was scrolling through my gallery roll looking at my older pictures and I found this one.

So this is a good picture right? A picture of me smiling with my cousins with the Mysore palace as a backdrop. But there is more to it. These are Dee and Pri, the youngest ones of all my cousins. We are around 20 cousins altogether(Yes, a big family indeed). This was taken back in 2015 when we went to Mysore to attend one of our cousin brother’s marriage. Both of them are equally talkative. They used to come to our home during summer holidays all the way from Bangalore and we spend time together. Dee, the elder one is less talkative comparatively. She can play flute brilliantly. I borrowed it once when she came home and blew it till I got exhausted and all that I could hear was the sound of air and nothing else. 😀 Pri, on the other other hand is the naughtiest one. She is extra talkative. She used to mock at me when my parents call me with nick names. She has got n number of games in her pocket and ready to play anytime. They used to fight with each other by calling names of vegetables 😀 How cute is that?

Here is a recent selfie of me with them. The difference between these photos is just around 2.5 years. But look how big they are!

This year when they came home, they taught me how to play rummy with playing cards. I didn’t know how to play rummy till then because my parents didn’t allow me to buy it, saying playing cards were only for gamblers. I still used to buy them to learn card tricks but used to hide them from my dad to avoid scoldings. But this time, when I went home after my work, I saw these two little girls playing rummy with my dad! How fast are these generations evolving! I do have a lot of other pics of them. But they will kill me if I post them here 😀

Photos bring back memories. Doesn’t really matter if it looks good or bad. Every picture tells a story by itself. To me, there are no perfect pictures. There are only perfect moments! Moments that can be relived when you look at those pictures later. Capture those moments and you will have tons of stories to narrate later! 🙂

Not just the younger generations, but the mobile phone technology is also evolving faster. I remember the photos that I took using the VGA camera in my older phones. Today we have dual rear cameras that gives amazing bokeh(blur) effects in your photos which differentiates the subject from the background. Today’s mobile cameras are definitely a competition to DSLRs. If you are a mobile enthusiast, then here is an exciting Selfie experience initiative by Mobiistar which comes with a dual selfie camera. Dual cameras are great in showing the depth of field in your photos that gives it a more lively experience. Note that this one also captures a 120° wide angle selfie which means you can cover more content in your selfies. Wide angle images are my personal favorite because the amount of area it can contain within a single image is huge. Check out this Selfie camera phone from Mobiistar on Flipkart.