Ellie and Carl Fredricksen had an excellent chemistry. Everything they wanted was in common. It just sparked between them the very 1st time they met. Carl knew she was the one when Ellie showed him her lifetime secret of exploring and living near the Paradise falls. They start their life together with a goal to find and spend the rest of their life in the Paradise falls.  They lived loving each other by doing the best they could do for each other while saving money for their adventurous trip. But life had its own idea. The trip never happened. They grew old together still believing that they could make it to their dream goal. One day Ellie passed away leaving old Mr.Fredricksen to be on his own. He was shattered but still worked his way alone to fulfill Ellie’s dream. He didn’t care for the rest of the world. Finally when he reached the destination, he sat down and had a moment with Ellie’s book of adventure. But Ellie had a surprise for him!

Here is my sketch of that beautiful fictional couple. If none of this makes sense to you, I recommend you to watch the movie called “UP”. 🙂