“Do you know how much is the donation for an Engineering seat in your college?”

We haven’t met since our school days. My friend had called me the other night with this question. It was for one of his friend’s brother who had given his 12th board exams. I realized that it was the exam season and this drama has started again like every other year. Parents hunting colleges to get their children a seat in a good college. I know this is happening for a very long time and none of us can deny it. Caste quota system has completely ruined our system. I have known students whose parents had spent lacs even though they had more than 97% percentile marks but just because they fall under the general category. If we want to put up a debate on why they pay money to get a seat in good colleges then it could be a whole different story.

Now, he started enquiring about the facilities and infrastructure of the college I studied in. He told me that the boy’s parents are ready to pay up to 10 lacs and waiting to get an appointment. He asked if the college is good enough for that much amount of money. He asked me about the placements and the top companies that visit the college for campus recruitment. It seems that the boy is their only son and that they are concerned to put him in a good college. He asked about the highest package details stating that it would be meaningless to spend so much amount if the boy is going to placed in a less paying company. The conversation way going a way little too much. Getting placed in a good company depends on how he will be performing in the interview and before that he has to have good grades to be allowed to sit in the interview. I started wondering why they are going to this extent? Isn’t it too early to think about how much he will be earning? It felt a bit greedy to hear him say that.

Now it didn’t stop there. After a while he said that the boy had told his parents that he would score something around 700 out of 1200 and asked them to make arrangements to get an Engineering seat.

What !!! Seriously ?!?!?

Now the question is, Is it really worth spending that money ?