I wanted to return home early from my work. I was on my bike driving down the usual road. The road was congested because some heavy transportation lorry was driving on the wrong side of the road which blocked almost the entire road. I could hear honking all around me. I was adjusting myself to the side of the road to get past the lorry that was moving towards us. I suddenly remembered that I had to do an eye checkup that day and the hospital was located few blocks in the opposite direction that I was traveling. I thought if I miss the appointment today, I may not visit it again and so I decided to turn my bike around. I knew that I have to ride up to the next signal to take an U-turn to drive to the hospital. But since this lorry was already driving in the wrong side, I thought that I would tail the lorry from behind so that I can reach quickly and save some time. I immediately turned by bike behind the lorry. The traffic suddenly eased. I was driving slowly close to the pedestrian walkway since I was driving on the wrong side of the road. Up ahead I could see my dad walking on the same road. I was a bit surprised to see him walking there because his office was nowhere near that place. But I didn’t question myself much about it. As I neared him, I looked at him and said “Hi dad !” as I drove past him. He called my name. I slowed down my bike. He said, “Come, Lets have some tea” pointing to the next street corner which had a tea shop. I turned my bike towards the street. The perspective of the street changed suddenly. I was towing my bike towards the shop and my dad was coming out of the street. He went towards the shop. After taking a look at the atmosphere there, he gave a “Do we need to drink this shop’s tea?” look at me. I understood it and moved forward without stopping my bike. But then again for some reason he called my name again. This time a little bit louderrr ! 

and I woke up with a sudden jerk to hear my dad outside my home, banging at the locked gate and calling my name to open the door. I had been dreaming. It was a Sunday morning and my usual sleep schedule was extended. I unlocked the door and the gate. I walked back into my room all confused still thinking about the dream. A lot of questions popped in my head. I was trying to find a pattern of what just happened few minutes earlier.

How did I wake up? The last thing I remember was my dad calling my name in my dream and the 1st thing I heard after I woke up was the same. How could that be same? Did my mind already know that my dream was going to end? How long was my dad standing outside my home trying to call my name? Could the point where he called my name for drinking tea in my dream be the 1st time he called my name in reality? Was that the trigger? How did the perspective of the street change? How did the traffic ease out all of a sudden? Why was my dad walking near my office?

I started replaying the above dream again and again in my mind just to make sure I didn’t forget it. It was so fascinating that I started to analyze it a bit more. Here is what I could relate,

  • The previous day I was talking to a friend on phone and she had this eye problem and was talking about visiting a hospital.
  • Recently I switched my mode of transport from train to bike and the route to my workplace is always jam packed.
  • Occasionally when I start from my home, I used to see my dad walking back to home. I would just say a ‘hi dad’ to him and keep driving.
  • In the past week, I traveled a lot with my family in our car and we were talking about finding a shop and stopping by for some tea.

INSANE right! I was surprised how my subconscious mind related random pieces of information and created my dream. Christopher Nolan and Leonardo DiCaprio popped into my mind. I rushed towards my TV stand shouting “MOM !! Did you see the Inception Movie DVD that was lying around here ?”.