A walk-through of our road trip from Chennai –> Tada –> Chennai..

On a brisk Saturday morning we gathered for some adventure. We were a group five, who wanted to cool off some corporate restlessness. We decided Tada (Ubbalamadugu Falls) would be the best place for the day. It was the 1st time for my friends to visit Tada. I have been to Tada twice earlier which was roughly around 4 years since my last visit. So I became the primary instructor in the group. But both the times earlier, I didn’t get a chance to trek the entire distance. This time I was determined to cover the entire trekking distance. We started our trip at around 8:15 am in a car. It was approximately 100 kms from the city. Chatting and music killed some time and of course once reaching the highway, the ride itself got more exciting. Who wouldn’t love driving your vehicle on an empty highway away from all those city traffic and signals! We made a pit stop at around 9:30 am for our breakfast and continued our trip.


We drove the last few kilometers on a muddy road to reach the security post entrance at around 11 am. One of the security, checked our vehicle and bags. After getting the parking tickets, we were allowed to proceed towards the parking lot. Again the road from the security post to the parking lot was not a good one. The ride was bumpy and we had to drive our vehicle slowly to reach the parking spot. It was pretty much crowded than we expected  it to be. There were even a couple of tourist buses parked when we reached there. We parked our vehicle and loaded up our backpacks with the necessary items for the trek and started. Glad that the guys made a stop near Tada bus depot earlier and bought some bananas and biscuits.


We started walking, clicking some pictures as we proceeded in. The initial couple of kilometers was almost plain with sand and pebbles on the path. We couldn’t see any rocks or water. One of my friend started questioning me that if it would get any better or it was going to be the same for the entire distance. I had to constantly pacify him saying that we had to go further to see the water stream. After some time, we heard the water flowing. As we walked towards it, I saw that they have built a wall on the path of the water stream to hold the water and created an artificial swimming pool kind of structure. This was not how it was when I visited Tada earlier. May be that was the reason why more tourists have started visiting Tada. The place was already full and many were swimming in the pool there.



We moved past that place as we wanted to reach the falls before 1pm so that we could spend some time up there and return back on time. As we walked further, the path became denser and we were able to see more rocks. It was not easy to to climb them but at the same time it was not so tough as well. With some help we managed to climb the rocks and move up. We were able to see a lot of spots throughout the path  where the was water collected as small pools and many stationed there, enjoying the place. We wanted to reach the top before getting into the water 🙂 So we continued up further crossing all of them. The climb became a bit harder. We couldn’t carry the mobile phones in our hands to take pictures. So we had to pack it up in our bags so that we don’t drop it somewhere in between the rocks. Here are a few shots during the course till we reached top.



Since none of us had been to the final waterfalls, we weren’t sure if we had reached it or we had to go still further. We kept asking the people we saw on our way to ensure that we were going the right way. Finally we reached the place that we wanted to. There was a small water falls on the other end of this pool. We wanted to explore more to know if there was something more than this. So two of us made our way further up leaving the other 3 at this spot.


We saw few guys on our way up and got to know that there was one more waterfalls above this one. I was pretty much exhausted to go back down and get the other guys up. We tried shouting their names from up there but failed 😛 So I sat there while my other friend went down to bring them all up. The path above that place was very steep and was not very easy to climb. We has already used all the water that we had brought. We rested up there for some time to gain some energy. After about half an hour we reached this spot. Yes !! we were happy 🙂


We drank the water till our stomach was about to burst. The water was so clean and sweet ! We spent some time resting on the rock after which we climbed further up. It was risky climbing above this sport but somehow we made it. This was where the water source was from. A video link from the top point we reached.


Some more pictures from top point there 😉

img_20160924_130351908 img_20160924_125901143_hdr img_20160924_125912784_hdrWe spent a couple of hours in the waterfalls and by swimming in the pool below that. We started back and reached down to the parking by around 4pm. Had our lunch by around 5.30 pm 😀 and drove back.


img_20160924_155331429_hdr img_20160924_174433521_hdr It was a great experience for all of us. I recommend every travel enthusiast to visit this place. A good trekking spot for your weekend. Be sure to take care of your belongings and be safe when you climb the rocks !