This is for all disappointed Xperia SP users out there. 😦

The last official release rolled out for Xperia SP was JB 4.3 and Sony confirmed that Xperia SP would not be getting Android 4.4. Having a decent CPU, every Xperia SP user was expecting at least a KITKAT release. But all we could do was whine in Sony’s forum. But no worries !! we got a ton of Android enthusiasts out there who develop custom ROMs for our Xperia SP. And another exiting news is that Marshmallow ROMs(Android 6.0) are in progress 🙂 for Xperia SP. Soon we can experience Android 6.0 on our devices.

Okay so now let us move on to installing these custom ROMs in our SP. I will explain the steps I followed in rooting and installing custom ROM in my device. I won’t go into details of explaining step by step procedure because XDA developers have already done so many tutorials about it and they are way better than me in explaining stuff. I’ll just provide you with links that I used. My simple advice would be read as much tutorials as you can and understand what you are going to do before doing it.

A Bricked Phone can get you a heart attack. Do it at your own risk !

The above statement is purely intentional. So read it again and again until you believe it. I’m not responsible if you get a heart attack because you messed up your phone. I won’t pay a visit to the hospital with fruit basket. But anyways, just go ahead and try it. If you succeed, you will have a super cool phone to use and if you fail you can always buy a cheaper phone with better features than Xperia SP 😛

My device status before rooting and installing Custom ROM:
Model: C502
Kernel: Stock Kernel
Android version: Stock JellyBean 4.3

The Major steps involved are as follows
1. Unlocking your bootloader.
2. Rooting your device.
3. Installing CWM recovery.
4. Installing Kernel.
5. Installing Custom ROM.

Things you need to know before progressing
1. What is Custom ROM ?
2. What is Custom Kernel ?
3. What is a Flashtool and what can be done using it ?
4. What is CWM recovery and how to enter into CWM recovery ?
5. What is Bootloader unlocking and why to do that ?

A simple all in one guide of the entire procedure can be found here.

A simple but ultra detailed guide can be found here.

But I didn’t follow both. I did a mixture of both the tutorials to flash my phone. The following were the things that I did.

  1. Got my Unlock code from Sony’s website.
  2. Used DoomLoRd’s method to unlock my boot loader. (simpler than other methods.)
  3. Installed DoomLoRd’s kernel using flashtool. (It comes along with preloaded CWM recovery)
  4. Entered into CWM recovery and flashed Williams Kernel. (This was just because I wasn’t sure if DoomLoRd’s kernel would support Cyanogenmod 11)
  5. Flashed Cyanogenmod 11 through CWM recovery. (stable version)
  6. Installed Gapps for CM11.

There are CUSTOM ROMs available for both Locked and Unlocked Boot loader. But I would prefer unlocking your boot loader.

My phone is faster than it was in stock ROM and the UI is also great !! Battery performance is decent (I had a pretty bad experience with battery when using stock ROM 😦 ) Go ahead and try installing it on your device !!!


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