I was returning home after buying some grocery items. I was thinking if I had bought all the items that my mom mentioned or if I had missed anything. And I was even more worried if my mom has told everything to me or she has missed something herself. I hated when I had to go twice to the same shop because I missed to buy something the first time. Suddenly I happened to cross this guy who was looking at me with a smile on his face. I stopped my bike soon after crossing him and turned back to look at him. I noticed that he had also stopped and started walking towards me still smiling. “Damn !! What’s his Name! What’s his Name!”, I started shouting inside my head. I knew him very well. Its just that my brain was too slow to recollect his name that moment.

He came near me and said, “Hi Srini ! How have you been?”

“I’m good. Very Good. How have you been Sanjaayyyy?”, I replied, dragging his name a bit longer. I wasn’t sure if I got his name correctly.

“I’m fine. I think it has been around 3 years since we spoke the last time. Isn’t it ?”, he said.

“Yes. It has been a very long time”, I replied.

I was happy that I could recollect his name correctly after 3 years.

Sanjay was my school mate. I knew him for about 4 years. We were in touch for sometime even after entering college but I lost contact with him after that. Sanjay was a studious guy in school. He used to top most of the exams. We both weren’t “the best buddies” in school, but we had instances where we shared a lot of things between us. Sanjay’s family was a bit complex. Many of us in school knew about his family situation. His life wasn’t very happy. His dad was an alcoholic. His mom had some health problems. He used to tell us how badly his parents fight everyday in his home. We made sure he was feeling good when he was with us. He liked being in school with us than being at home. But he never allowed any of those hard feelings affect his studies. He was determined and brave. That was one of the things that I admired the most about him. He had a elder brother who studied in our school. He lost his brother when he was in his 1st year of college. His brother died in an accident. He was so much depressed during that time. He started talking very weird. He was broken. That was the time when I had to talk to him a lot. 

All these thoughts were running through my mind bringing back the time that we shared together. We stood in the road talking about each other’s life. I asked him what he was doing currently and how his parents were. He said he had joined an IT firm about a month ago and that his mom’s health was better. He also said that he had moved out along with his mom to live in a separate place. I understood that his dad was still a problem. I didn’t ask anything more about his dad. He remembered our times together and thanked for supporting him morally when he was down. He said he was happy to have me in his life. I punched him on his chest and said not to make that moment too sentimental. 🙂 He started laughing. We stood there talking for few minutes.

“So whom are you still in touch with?”, he asked me.

“Almost none”, I said. He looked at me surprised.

“Yes I can see that. I’m one among them”, he said laughing.

I told him that I was in contact with few during college but after moving to a job almost lost contact with everyone. I said that everyone got busy with their own lives and that there wasn’t any time or chance to get in touch with them.

He started laughing and said,”We can always find time for people if we care about them and if we really want to”.

He stressed that point a little bit. I didn’t have an answer for what he said. I just stood with a dry smile on my face.

We talked for some more time. He thanked me once again and left. My respect for him increased more that day.I started to drive back to my home. All the way back home I was thinking about what he said. He was right. We can always find time to be in touch with our friends, family and relatives. Most of us just make an excuse putting the blame on “Time”. At the end, all that matters is how many people you have earned in your life and not just money or fame. Being together gives you strength and courage beyond all hurdles. Respect and care for them because that is what is your wealth. I made up my mind that day to keep a tab on all the people that I knew. I decided that I wont lose any people from my life.

I reached home. I walked inside my home with the bags in my hand.

“What took you so long ? Why are you late?”, my mom asked me.

“Its nothing mom. I met Sanjay while I was returning. Just had a chat with him”, I said.

“Oh !! That kid who lost his brother? He had some family problems also right. Is he ok? How is he holding up now?, she asked me.

I was surprised that my mom still remembers him. “He is fine mom”, I said smiling at her 🙂 I went back to my room, took my phone and started scrolling through the contact list 🙂


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