Roads – Electricity – Water – Garbage – Walkway

These words don’t trouble you much, until you face some problems out of it.

Here are few,

1. You would have never cared for Bad Roads, until one of your relatives or friends has lost their life in a Road Accident because of bad road conditions.

2. You would have never cared for Bad Electricity, until one of the nearby schools had a fire accident because of Electricity problems.

3. You would have never cared for Water Problems, until the overhead tank of your Apartment had no water because of no water supply.

4. You would have never cared for Garbage dumps, until you smell it from inside your home because of an open garbage bin nearby.

5. You would have never cared for Bad Walkways, until you tripped over something and broke your hands or legs.

We don’t care much of anything, until we are a victim of it. We ignore these things because we think we are not affected by them (Yet). We are all just selfish 😦 . But we fail to realize that every problem we ignore today, reflects back to us at some point of time.

Even if any of these things happened, what do we do next? We just abuse the government officials for every problem. Yes of course!, “Right to Vote” is the duty of every citizen. But does our duty stop with that? Just because we elected someone to lead us, doesn’t mean that we can expect everything to be fixed. How many of us care to take a One single step to help the government do their work?

Its time we realize that the society and the government is the reflection of us and nothing is going to improve until we improve ourselves.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said, “We must be the Change we wish to see”.

Here is really a great initiative, where we can contribute to make our World a better place to live in.

Thanks to the group of people who have taken step and created this amazing website called


Almost everyone today has a smartphone with internet connection. We share pictures of almost everything on Facebook and Twitter. Why not we take time to share pictures of something worthy?

If you see roads that are in bad condition, open garbage bins, broken pavements as you walk, all you have to do it is just take a picture of it and share it on with the location and the problem.

I know you would have a lot of questions in your mind now, like

1. Who would take action for the problems that I share on that website?

2.What kind of problems can I share ?

3.What will happen if I share an issue ?

and much more……….

All you questions are answered here – How this Works?

Google the website as “Changebadtogood” or visit it from here

Reach them on facebook, here

Lets turn the Bad to Good. Share this as much as you can. Let the World know they EXIST !!!