With hands on my chin and not knowing if I could make it till the end of the class without dozing off, I was staring at my Professor. It was our first class on “Engineering Ethics”. The thought, “Being an Electronics Engineer, what am I doing here sitting to hear a lecture on Ethics! This is so dumb” was running all over my mind. The professor was going through the syllabus copy, checking the topics it had. Two minutes later, he closed it and threw it on his desk. He turned towards us,

“Who is an Engineer?”, he asked us.

I sat back thinking that the question was not that difficult to answer. But few minutes later I found myself still sitting there trying to find an answer for his question.

I thought, “I’m studying Engineering, so I’m an Engineer. A guy who learns about Engines and Gears would be a Mechanical Engineer. But that is not what he is expecting for an answer.” Few students came up with answers, but he wasn’t satisfied with any of them. He then gave an answer himself.

He said, “Engineers are those who could ease the way of living on the world” and it made so much sense to me that day.

Here is Suprio Das who is one such person who quit his job to work for a greater cause. He is an Electrical Engineer served many companies for more than 20 years. He had a vision which made him quit his job and use his knowledge to provide better life for the people in remote villages. “Quality Drinking water” has become a challenging task today with the increased pollution and industrialization happening around us. Expensive water purifiers can be a solution for the wealthy. But India is a land where there are still more number of villages than IT companies. And most of these villages lack basic needy things that is required for surviving. Water diseases has taken down considerable number of Indian people over the years most of which are from rural areas. But here we are, still finding super cool expensive scientific techniques that is aimed at making better lives for people who can already carry mineral water bottles in their hands. We forget there are still people out there who drink the same contaminated water without choice knowing that they are going to be affected by it.

“Zimba” here is a boon for all such people. Thanks to Mr.Das who made it so simple for people to get good healthy water. This setup has no mechanical parts and works without electricity. It provides perfectly chlorinated water which is safe for drinking. No maintenance needed and no charge. Just install it once and it will keep working for generations. Or in other words we can say,

“Zimba is Immortal”

He made justice as an Engineer. Finding super high technologies are not the only achievement, Its also when you make your fellow people to live a better life and improve your country’s quality as a whole.

Thanks to Mr.Suprio Das for this great creation.

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