One doesn’t need Philosophers or Learned person to teach you what LIFE is. Experience is the best teacher. Life teaches you moral in a lot of ways.

Here is one such thing that happened to me while playing a Racing game.

  • I was waiting at the starting position as the countdown began, hoping  to win the race like every other person does.


  • The rules were simple. I wanted a clean race. So I kept myself away from the other rash drivers, just to avoid fights and injuries.


  • I rode past this POLICE guy. He should be the one who should ensure that proper discipline is maintained during the race.


  • Everything seemed well. But all of a sudden this guy came from no where and hit me and raced past me. I flew off my bike and fell down.


  • I was furious. I knew they guy who did this to me but didn’t want to make a big scene out of this. I ran back to pick up my bike and continued the race.

city fall

  • When I thought I was back into the game, there came another one from my right and hit me. I was thrown off my bike flying upside down.


  • I didn’t know why others were interested in putting me down when they already had a work to do. I held my never again. I picked my bike to ride again.


  • I could have fought back. But i didn’t. I knew it was better to stay away from people who try to harm you. As I raced a few more miles, this new guy came. He had an iron chain in his hand and was trying to beat me. I knew the POLICE guy was behind me. So I ignored him and believed that the POLICE guy would take care of it this time.


  • But I was beaten again and thrown off my bike away from the track. And to my surprise the POLICE guy just rode past me acting as if he didn’t notice anything. This made me furious !!! I made up my mind that I can’t take this anymore. I thought to myself “I could lose this race now, but I’m not going to give up until I teach them a lesson”. So I ran to take my bike without losing hope.


  • I buckled up and drove off with full speed. All I had in my mind was to give back those people what they gave me. I raced past every single guy one by one, kicking them and punching their faces. BANG! BANG! BANG! BANG! Every one flew off the road. I knew I wasn’t doing the right thing. But to survive the race, I had to do it.

rash1 right kick x


  • I managed to get past the racers. And now I saw this POLICE guy riding alone. I had no respect for him now after what he did to me. “Who cares if he is a big officer?, He didn’t do his duty properly and so he deserves a punishment”. So I rode near him and gave a punch right on his face. BANG ! He flew…

y z

  • And at last I not only reached the finish line but also won the RACE !


Now this single race, taught me a lot of things…

1. Stay away from problems as much as you can.

2. Try to forgive the people who harm you. Everyone around you tries to pull you down. Just ignore them and move on.

3. But when someone keeps poking you again and again for no reason, Stand up and fight for it.

4. And no matter however big your opponent is, don’t fear to do the right thing.

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