medical-devices1Medicine saves lives on earth – Totally agreed. Now, what supports medicine as a back bone to to grow enormously apart from modern drugs?

Instrumentation has reached great heights, supporting Medicine which has become a boon for the people. Engineering Technology has played a key role in developing modern instruments that are used for medical care. The level of development that is seen today in medicine make us go wondering how technology made life-saving more simpler and efficient. As a matter of fact, I think a few more years of development in medicine will make this statement “Death is Inevitable”, a false one 🙂 .

Imaging Techniques: “Passing high energy electromagnetic beams through body are used to examine internal organs and locate abnormalities”. Of course this statement seems to wonder most of us even today, but this technique mentioned above is know as X-rays which was discovered way back in 1895. Having said this fact, how the current trends of medical technology would have developed becomes unimaginable. ctscanner

This utility of X-ray has been improved over years and has been combined with computer systems to generate 3 dimensional images of internal organs. This known as CT Scan are used to develop 3 dimensional representation of organs using X-ray imaging in different directions and reconstructing them.

To put up in  simpler words, it is just a 3 dimensional photograph of your body for which you have to pose by lying down on that bed 😀 Now this is what we call it as technology wonders where just by looking at these photographs, they can locate cancer cells, study the blood vessels and locate and disorder in human body.

Medical prosthesis : Not just instrumentation that help in diagnosing people, medical development has reached levels where now disabled pnikeossursarah-9315-aeople can replace artificial devices as a compensation. I cant imagine the level of happiness that a person who has lost his/her leg will feel when they hear of being able to walk again on their feet with these kind of technologies.

Artificial hands, feet are being developed in medical prosthesis that has satisfied people to a great extent. Hearing aids are one such important development that help people who have problems with sound identification. These devices amplify and modulate the sound for better clarity for such persons.

A lot of developments in medical care has made us wonder about them. Endoscope techniques are one such thing where narrow tubes are inserted to examine the internal organs of the body. I have personally experienced a form of endoscopy technique called Rhinoscope where a thin narrow tube was inserted into my nose for diagnosis of some extra growth of tissue inside my nose. The tube had a light and lens arrangement and the doctor showed me what actually was inside my nose 😛 and I was thinking “What’s happening here man ! I’m sitting here with some thing pricked deep inside my nose and this doctor is looking at the monitor and giving me a lecture about it 😀 😀 😀 “. But still all these developments has strengthened medicine to provide better care for people.

Think about Laser Treatment where a beam of laser is passed through your body to remove cancer cells or remove your kidney stones, without actually cutting open your body. Aren’t these technology amazing? Modern Technology has helped in saving more lives and providing better comfort for the people.

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