My PC config is as below,

Pentium D 2.8Ghz, 2GB DDR2 RAM, 1GB Nvidia GT220 XfX, 500+80 GB HDD.

Recently I found that my PC crashed a lot during Gaming especially with AC3, NFS MostWanted, Hitman Absolution.. I thought the problem might be because of my 6 years old processor, but later found that my PC crashed even while running games like Counter Strike 1.6. Guessing that the problem may be due to over heating, I installed “Speedfan” and found my GPU temperature to be around 110’C 😦 WTF my Card would melt at this temperature 😦 . I immediately opened my cabin and started blowing air to cool my card as i wasn’t able to touch it. The problem why my GPU had such high temperature was because my heat sink fan on my Graphics card was not working.

So I thought of a simply fix for the problem. I got a CPU cooler (hardly Rs.50) and fixed it directly below my GPU. I had to do some cutting and fitting work so that I could fix the CPU cooler fan under my Graphics card and in process of doing that, I broke my Processor heat sink 😦 So I had to replace it as well.


Finally I Fixed it and guess what ? 😀 My GPU temperature went down from 110’C to 50’C. It was average around 60-70’C during Gaming. Check the Video below to see my new invention and the temperature at which it runs 😀 No more Crash during Gameplay 🙂