6 years back from the day I’m writing this post, I saw this phone for the 1st time and asked the owner,

“Do you have any special code to lock this phone ? It says KEYPAD LOCKED  😐 ”
I didn’t even know how to unlock that keypad then 😀

But now I have a phone

  • which has both 2G and 3G network
  • which supports almost all types of Audio and Video
  • that can use a Memory card to save data upto 32 GB
  • that can be used as a FM Radio
  • that can be used as a Camera
  • which has a Bluetooth connectivity
  • which has a GPRS connectivity
  • which has a Wi-Fi connectivity
  • which has a GPS connectivity

I do know if i had missed something above , but this drastic change is just  WOW  ( 0_0) , Isn’t it ?

And one thing that has attracted me a lot among all these developments is “THE MOBILE INTERNET” and I will prove why is that.

The 1st thing is the Social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter that people use to connect with friends ( thats the definition, I’m sorry) or I must say it like this “The place where most people live on”. Well, I think if someone wants to take Census of this whole world , then just go and ask Mark Zuckerberg and get access to his database and you will get the census instantly 😀 . No matter in what state of mind the people are, they just literally update it as their status. Recently I happen to read something funny about this Facebook addiction. It went on like this,

Man (to his Wife) : Hey look, Our child tipped over a stone and fell down.

Wife : Oh My God ! Go run and take a picture. We’ll upload it on Facebook !

Man : ! O_O !……….! O_O !

😀 and then comes this Twitter. We know “India is a land of followers” but if you want to know who is following whom ? , then I would recomend you to create an account on Twitter. From Rihanna to Selena Gomez , Sachin Tendulkar to Roger Federer , Amitabh Bachchan to AR Rahman , almost all celebrities are on Twitter and so are their fans following them. So for people like this, mobile internet is a BooN because they can always stay connected with the world. All that they have to do is recharge their mobiles with internet package and keep liking, sharing and following …..

And I must mention an important point here – “Even I have accounts on these social networking sites 😀 ”

The next thing is Games and Apps. Almost all teens love playing games on their mobile phones. Angry Birds is that one game which almost everyone would have played atleast once. And multiplayer games via the Internet have become the new trend now which has started to pull more people towards the world of gaming. Apps or the Applications that I mentioned are also available in vast variety on the Internet. I being an Engineer myself, recently downloaded an App for my mobile which is used to calculate CGPA from my semester marks 😀 Now you would how how lazy I’m 🙂 LoL 🙂 . So when Mobile Internet can provide you with so much stuff, why miss them ?

Next comes The Cricket Score Updates 🙂 . In a country like India where cricket is considered as a religion, every single soul happens to ask this question ” Do you know what is the score ? “. Now with this mobile Internet we get instant score updates. No more sending texts to friends who are at home watching the match to send us score updates every 10 minutes :D. I have even missed taking my ID cards and Assignments to the college, but never missed taking my mobile phone with me to the college whenever we had a match to be played. Whatever it may be – IPL, ODI or even a TEST match being played, I keep refreshing the page in my mobile under my classroom desk every minute for score updates…

And at last comes this Unlimited Download of stuff for your mobile phones. Wallpapers, Themes, Games, Music mp3’s, Movies, Widgets, Ringtones etc . . .

So that is why I think Internet is Fun on mobile phones because we get a feeling that “The World is inside our Pockets” 🙂

post written for #InternetIsFun. For more visit www.vodafone.in/fun