Speed – Thrill – Joy – Freedom – Adventure – Action –  You don’t miss any of these if you have love to ride bikes 🙂

Some think I’m being crazy  but I think to it be my PASSION

The Small History Behind : How it all started ?

My Love for bikes started when I was fifteen. It was not something different, but the same usual way of getting attracted to the speed and style of the bikes when I was at that age. Who cares if government provides driving license only at the age of 18 :), I learned to ride bikes at my 8th grade (14 yrs) from my dad.I got the so called Driving license as soon as I reached 18 (I have to wait for a month because the rule says you must undergo a learning period of 30 days before appearing for test). So What next ? I started troubling my parents to get me the ride that i desired. Indian parents would go bankrupt if they had to buy the bikes that their children wanted 😀 I know I cant ask for a Kawasaki Ninja , Ducati or a Harley Davidson.. After 5 years of pestering my parents, I got my ride 🙂 It was Apache RTR 180 ABS.

MY Ride - The Apache RTR 180 ABS

What Defines a Biker ? How actually does it feels to ride ?

When it comes to be a biker, there is something more than doing the actual riding thing and that is “ The Inner Joy “. When you are traveler cum biker then I bet there is more adventure in your rides. A passionate rider always just cares for riding. “A path is enough and not the place where it leads“. According to me, a rider gets joy out of riding than of the places he visits. Doesn’t matter if it going to be 1500 km or 50 km but it is the satisfaction that matters the most when you ride.You feel yourself to be in full freedom to do whatever you like to do. Who cares where the road actually leads to ? When on my ride, I love to explore every direction and every single turn not even knowing if I can make my way back without getting lost 🙂 and that feels good.

Stop in at a Restaurant while on a Road Trip to Mahabalipuram

The best thing I like about biking is when you get together with your fellow riders and go on a road trip to some distance location. It just feels great when you are accompanied with more people who love the riding action like you.The funny gags, the stories, the roadside photoshoots :D, the stop by, the little drag races and the endless driving makes me feel something to explain beyond words. We get on the highways and making some formations on road with the fellow bikers 🙂 like covering the entire width of the road with 7 to 8 riders side by side and driving with the same uniform speed or like making the V formations 🙂 ( this may sound crazy , but will be a real fun time for us ). The stop by at some restaurant for some quick refreshment or to grab a drink gains us a little more energy to take up the roads with new confidence. The little antics that we do while riding, like signalling our fellow riders to race ahead or spread up as in some hollywood movies would be fun 🙂

And we definitely don’t miss talking about those top speed rides and stunts. That Stoppie and Wheelie which every single rider would want to do or in worst case atleast talk about performing these stunts. 🙂 Not that I’m afraid of getting injured while doing these stunts but I’m afraid what my bike would happen if i miss it 🙂 because we riders care for our Bikes more than ourselves 😀

Some Undefined Moments 

  • The Joy that I get when I ride on a straight stretch of road, enjoying the sunrise or sunset.
  • The Thrill that I get when I ride in pitch darkness on empty roads where my head beam light uncovers the road ahead not aware of having a Speed breaker or a pit.
  • The Joy that I get when my bike’s rpm meter hits the max value, clocking top speed or beating my previous own record.
  • The Joy that I get when I ride with my helmets off on a rainy day.
  • The Joy that I get when I make my way correctly to my destination even after losing my track in between.
  • The Joy that I get when some unknown people appreciate me for offering them a lift on time.

Some moments cant be explained by words 🙂 The real joy of it cant be felt unless you experience it on your own 🙂

It is all about gaining joy, happiness and adventure 🙂

So, Get Set-Turn on the IGNITION-Hold on the CLUTCH-Press the GEAR and Pump the THROTTLE.We have much more to Explore …

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