The recent news of a 15 year old boy murdering his Teacher in Chennai has created a chaos in the country. He just stabbed his teacher to death inside the classroom just because he was angry on her. The reason that the teacher has made a note in his school diary to alert his parents about his fall in studies has made him to do this act. What has made a 9th grade student to do this terrible act ?

What exactly is happening around here !

Teachers are considered to be our second parents and school is considered as a temple for educational and moral values. But what exactly in happening here ? A child will have anger over any teacher when he/she complaints about him/her to parents , but not to the extent of killing. . What has made him do this ? He was not a aggressive student either. He was decent in his studies and good at sports.Now there is something to be explored here as where exactly the problem lies. We may curse the student for being so bad and brutal but we must also see that a student has been forced to do such an act in a place of Education which teaches values and not violence !

The teacher was not rude to him or did not even exceed her limits of punishments. She just made a note in his diary to inform his parents about his progress in studies. There were times when students were caned severely by teachers when he/she is not obedient or bad in studies.But the students at those times took it as a method to improve themselves rather than developing a rage over the teacher. Now with these rules which says “Teachers must not beat Students” there has been lot of changes going around to impart a different way of punishments like letting the parents know about the mischief done by their children via a note or letter. Now when these notes come to the parents, they begin to treat their children badly by beating them up at home.

We are constantly talking about the change needed in Education system of the country , but where exactly is the change needed ? I guess the students must be taught moral values apart from teaching them the bookish knowledge. How many school of today are giving a periodical counseling to their school students asking for their problems and discomforts at school ? Teaching values are more important than teaching how to get marks. Like it is said “Reputation is what the world thinks a man is; character is what he really is” and building ones character is like molding. Once molded in your childhood its difficult to change your character later.Also Parents must spend more time with children asking about their problems and must teach to overcome them.There must be a good relationship between the students and the teachers.The schools must provide more value education and ensure that teachers are friendly with the students.

And To make a change , we must be the change.