Why this topic Foreign Author vs Local Author ?

If you WERE , ARE or WILL take up Engineering or any Professional Course then this topic is sure to hit your mind at some point of time.

Everyone loves to be the best Engineer hoping to work on some creative stuff and do great innovations. But the point is “Does the education system of today teaches us to be creative?”

I felt i would become a notable Engineer who will be recognised for some great works one day, when i first entered my college. But they were nothing different from my school.The Whole System was focused on Marks.Education systems of today are trying to achieve marks rather than knowledge.Its so strange where some colleges even provide notes for the students to prepare for exams ! :-/ OMG Why would they do that ? We are not school kids to be fed with Horlicks and Cerelac. Why don’t they treat us like grown ups 😦 ! Thank God my college is not belonging to this list .I’m not totally against all the colleges. There are a few colleges which come up to appreciate new ideas of students.But most don’t even encourage students to come forward with ideas.

Studying in college has always been an headache. We are always focused on Studying rather than Learning stuff and from my point of view Studying is completely different from Learning. To be honest only the Studying part fetches us marks. So ultimately students are forced to opt for Books that provide them with more Marks than Knowledge. So the decision making comes here.

I don’t know if I’m right but I’ll say that Students will find it easier to jump from a building than to decide which book to study for their semesters 😀 There would be approximately some dozen authors for a same book and how do we decide which one to study ! But there are some studious students (so called Nerds) in every college who would refer all possible books for a particular subject. How exactly do they do that ? Do they sit all day reading and reading ….. ? May be they do a little more than that like smashing the entire book in a mixer and drinking it off . glup gulp gulp. 🙂 🙂 I wonder what they do with so many books when every book has the same content. Let us not talk about these exceptional cases 😉

There is a second set of Engineers who are so enthusiastic and buy some great foreign author’s book making their mind to be one among the Exceptional cases . They pretend to understand the concepts from those books even though they know it is not going to happen. But they finally end up like the one on the right :-D.I would like to ask “How can the lecturers expect us to understand some foreign author’s stuff when they themselves refer some Local author books

Here comes the third set who keep on deciding whether to study or not. But to get decent grades they have to do something.They don’t take the risks of referring great authors but be particular in deciding books.They  straight away get some good local author books which replicates the exact syllabus and manage to study some important questions just a few days before the examination. I bet majority of students fall into this category 🙂

So why exactly is this war going on between Local author and Foreign Author?

Let us see with an example here because we Engineers are good in providing examples 🙂

The Local author says “Jack & Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water, jack fell down and broke his crown and Jill came tumbling after”


Foreign author says “2 humans ascended a certain geological protuberance to collect hydride of oxygen whose quantity is not specified. One member Jack of rapid irregular disturbing movements encounter fatal logical gravitational error leading to complete disarray. Other member whose scope lies within disarray descends down the geographical protuberance at an acceleration, whose magnitude is controlled by the force of gravity.”

Now i guess you can understand why students prefer Local Author books 🙂

Finally whatever book we refer to study or how many ever sleepless nights we spend we finally sit like this the day before our exams

  • To sum up , it is like this

1 month before Exams : Foreign Author

1 day before Exams : Local Author

On the day of Exams : We are the Author 😀