Gaming is one world where there is so much to explore.There are few games which attract us irrespective of its genre.How often do you get indulged in a game so much, that you are almost lost into it ?

This was how i LOST MYSELF IN LIMBO while i played this game called LIMBO.

To be straight, this game did not have any special GfX environment, no guns,no bloodshed,no violence nothing …The thing that attracted me was that curiosity the boy had in wanting to find something.The game is almost dark in every stage or completely dark i must say. But there is so much to think about in there.You must twist your brains to get yourself going forward in every stage.Its more of like a puzzle where it just deals with basic physics and timing.

When started,i was like exploring the menus to find what the controls would be and finally found that there is nothing much but just the four movement keys and one action key. I didn’t know how long i was playing this continuously getting myself lost completely. There were some stages where i even played for an hour to find a way out. Finally i managed to complete it. 🙂 May be i was good in basic physics of how things work around you 😀

No matter you like playing games or not, i’m sure everyone(young and old) will love playing this. Games like these will not only be an enjoyment for kids, but at the same time bring out ones method of thinking to be more creative ..

Play and have fun 😀 go and lose yourself in LIMBO