What does the word “restless” have to do with “peace” ?

You will know by the end of this adventure !

It was half past 1 before we reached the first toll plaza to enter into National Highway.I remember seeing some 8 computerised  counters giving away tickets.I was on my way to visit some temple,to the south of Chennai. But it was something more than a temple visit !. I was sitting on one of the window seat of the bus so that i could catch some fresh air and also because of the fact that i love traveling by the window seat. I was also a bit interested in photography , so i thought may be i could get some cool pics.

The Highway had very good roads and not like the ones which we had within the city ( worst roads or i would have described it even more if English language had super-superlative 😀 ). I knew the bus driver was already speeding at 80 or90 km/hr.I could feel the hot noon air gushing all over my face. The driver was honking aloud to overtake whichever automobile that was before him.It was more like a racing experience than a bus travel.

It was an 8 hrs travel to our destiny.I could see myself out from the overpopulated environment into an isolated road,clear of shops,sounds etc ……I was trying to get rid of the mesh of my earphones,searching for the earpieces as i was gazing outside the window and finally put them on my ears. I was lazy to create a playlist for myself , so i just selected the ‘Play All Songs’ options and turned on ‘Shuffle’.It was Anbae Sivam by Kamalhassan.

The sun has started to its make its way down to see the other side of the Earth. I made my digital cam ready,hoping to get some shots of this Giant star going down.I know it is difficult to click pictures while traveling on a bus.But i wanna give it a try. I started clicking randomly, trying to get some nice photographs. Starting from 4.30pm to 6.15pm ,i was clicking pictures and i ended up with these…….

I would say we miss some real beauty around our everyday life . We human have become more like a machine doing our routine every day.I bet one can spend hours looking at these nature’s gifts.Your mind becomes so calm looking at them, more like being amidst a holy place. I was at PEACE at last. MONEY – MUSIC – MEDITATION – MEDICINE nothing can get you that .

I didn’t realize that i had been snoozing for the past 20 minutes.I was woken up by a sharp turn , which made my face bang against the rusty rods by the window. Ouch that hurt !. I noticed my camera was still on,begging itself to stay alive,fighting against the last point of charge that it had.I looked out – Damn ! it was pitch dark . The driver didn’t lower his pressure on the accelerator even at that dark surrounding . He was driving perfect even at those dim head lights . I wondered how they can be so confident !

I can feel my stomach asking for something to make the Hydrochloric acid work , that it has secreted . I had already skipped my lunch as i was in a hurry to catch the bus . I stared at my watch;3 more hours for the bus to halt. I managed to send in some H2O into my stomach. I opened google maps and started locating my position.My calf muscles were already in bad condition . I had just visited a temple before the day of this trip, climbing some 2000 steps above a mountain ! I was tired 😦

I had no choice but to get up 4.30 am the next day to take a bath. Visiting 14 temples in 2 days is not that easy.The visit include the navagraha temples ( nava-9 ,graha-planets ).I wont be able to say all about them,but i wont miss saying the special ones. We hired a Travels, which was waiting at 6 am. For the first time i smelled some fresh air outside . We started visiting the temples one after the other. The roads were empty . I couldnt see something called as Traffic signals in that whole place . ‘Wow ! Could this be possible?’, i asked myself. Life was so simple there . All i could see on the either side of the road was greenery . Cultivation lands in large acres with a single roadway in the middle ! I have only seen such things in movies …. Wow It was so peaceful out there 🙂

We reached a temple at Thirunallar , a small town in Karaikal . I was told to take a bath in the sacred pond of the temple.

It has been so long since i swam the last time. I was excited but a little embarrassed too ,because of the fact that there weren’t any changing rooms for boys  :-/ ! LoL 😀  ‘Is this a discrimination’ , i asked myself . There were already lots of them in the pond ,trying to wash away their sins. I cant understand , “how come you can do all crazy stuff outside and one dip in this pond will make you pure ?” This is completely insane ! However i couldn’t change this belief of theirs. I had no other option but to follow what they did . I took a clean dive into the pond. Whoa ! It felt really nice 🙂 I swam for about 10 minutes and was about to come out, when i read these sign boards “Dont Swim.Just take a Holy Dip” . OMG ! 🙂 I consoled myself that God is not going to punish me for swimming here and came out ! Sometimes stuffs like these seems to be superstitious! but at the same time lots of these seems so true ( not the holy-dip of course 🙂 )

Check this out !

  • Some. Satellites should slow over this region, and NASA has accepted it.
  • The temple is in Southern India. This region has a gravity anomaly of about 60 mgal less than the planet-wide average. With the Earth not pulling as hard over this region, the satellite rises into a higher, slower orbit. And NASA has officially accepted it.
  • It is also said that during the SANI- PEYARCHCHI , a most sacred festival of the place, say once in 30 months , a very dense UV rays falls from the Space on the place ( it seems there is always a greater flow of UV rays compared to the quota received by any other part of our earth at that place ; and during the said festival the density gets more!)

Now all that i want to know is that, these things may be true or may not be . But how come people of some thousands of years back know about these things and build a temple at that place ! The temple was built during 7th century A.D Amazing isn’t it  :-O !

Lets not get more technical in this 🙂

The next day i was to Tanjavur for this Brihadishwara Temple or popularly known as Big Temple built in 1010 AD by Raja Raja Chola.It is some 1000 years old by now ! but i would say it is more stronger than any other creation of today. It was like a big fort there and very huge indeed . I thought we Engineers are no match for those architects ! Believe it or not – every single sculpture there had so much clarity and sharpness in it . There were more number of foreigners in there shooting every single stone of that place. As i entered the huge creation , i saw some malaysian people trying to catch a group shot.They asked my help to click a group picture of themselves. I did and they greeted me 🙂 I also tried catching some for myself . Here are a few .

I had so much joy visiting these places where one feels so lively.I decided i would explore more of the EARTH surface in my future.My two day trip ended as we reached our hotel rooms. Though we were so much tired,travelling for two full days ,we were happy for the wonderful experience we had there. We checked out of our hotel rooms and got ourselves a bus.8 more hours of travel again to head back to Chennai.The bus stopped all of a sudden! Guess what ! TRAFFIC jam ! Now life started to roll back for me to how it was two days earlier. 8 hrs travel extended itself to 10hrs 😦 .The speed of the bus fell from 50km/hr to some 50 inches/hr 🙂  We reached Chennai by 12 midnight .

My phone cried at 6 am , the next morning :-/ . I got off the bed to make my way to college …….