Hi guys. I want your help to solve this problem that I faced on facebook. There was a spam and now am not able to access my account. I will provide you with the details. Please find me a solution.

Problem:- Cant access facebook account.


I was logged in on my FB acc as usual checking updates. All of a sudden there was a chat pop up from one my friend.

  • Friend :- hi . Wanna laugh !
  • Me:- ?
  • Friend:-  http://…………… ( A link redirecting to some website )
  • Friend:- I’ll be back.

I clicked on the link which redirected me to a youtube video . the video was not playing actually and there was a msg stating “ You need to update your Flash player. Click to download latest player from ADOBE “. The video’s title had “ (My name) is in Heroic role “, and there was lots of comments from my other friends below the video. Some of the comments are shown below.

  • Friend1:-  ah ! I had to update to latest flash player . but it is a worth for this awesome video!
  • Friend2 :- simply Terrible !!
  • Friend3:- must be telecasted in some TV program tonight.
  • And more …………..

What will you guys do ? wen there is a video updated with your name in Youtube and comments flowing like rain on it ? Obviously everyone will be wanting to see it .

So I just clicked on the link to update my Flash player.

My AVAST popped out saying there was a “ threat detected “ . I was so tempted to see that video, so I disabled my antivirus program for 10 min and again clicked on the link to download. The file was downloaded which was some 1.5MB. The setup.exe file failed to run !! I do no what the problem was 😦

But I was still keen on knowing what the video was all about. So i took my phone and made a call to my friend who sent me the link in FB.


I asked my friend as what the link was about and that I was not able to view it! My friend replied as “DUDE , it has been a week since I accessed my FB account “ . lol 😀 I was stunned . Then wat the link was abt ! (confused).

Problems I Faced :- My AVAST showed up after its 10 min of sleep, shouting “A threat has been detected, system must be restarted to permanently delete the corrupted file”. The restart was automatically initiated. The system logged in SAFE MODE after restart and after a few minutes restarted again in NORMAL MODE. I was not able to access me Facebook account from then. When I tried to open my AVAST Program , it failed. But showed a msg that


Lol 😀 . I knew something is really Fked up. So I started to explore wat happened .

THINGS I DID :-  I opened my task manager to see any suspicious process running. There were several svchost.exe process running more than usual. I tried opening AVAST again from system tray but the same above msg was displayed again. So I went to C:\Program Files\ to check for avast directory to open my antivirus from there.

I was shocked to find that there was no such directory :-(. Then virus has deleted my entire AVAST directory. But how is there a avast icon on my system tray , and it showed the above msg every time I clicked it ? I opened start->program->avast. Made a right lick to find where it has its source and it had something like “C:\Program Files\update.2\svchost”. I followed this directory and found an AVAST icon in it 🙂 . so ‘ here is the source for it’.

I opened my msconfig-> startup and found this

These programs were automatically initiated when windows boots up. I removed the tick marks and restarted my system. I moved to the locations of those process ( in red circles marked in the image ) and tried deleting them . I wasn’t able to delete  the svchost file.

So now I opened my registry and searched for svchost. All the svchost had its sorce as “ %system root……….% but some had source which I metioned above ( the tray icon thing ). I deleted all those files from the registry and then tried to delete the files from the WINDOWS directory . Now I was able to delete some files but not all.

After this there was no tray icon of avast and those stupid pop ups . I installed a new version of avast again and scanned the files which I was unable to delete from windows directory. There was threats shown in them and I moved them to chest . I also did a boot time scan and found few Trojans and malwares in C drive  and deleted them .

But the problem now is I cant access my facebook account. When I try to log in it says

“ Not able to access www.facebook.com” . I tried both on Firefox and Google chrome , but no use 😦 .

But I’m able to access all my other forums and mails.

What could be the problem ? can anyone help me out please ! ! !