A hot monday noon …….

I was sitting with my headphones on and playing some shooting game online (which i usually do when i’m bored) and suddenly there was a pop up on my screen . I paused the game to have a look at it and saw an old friend of mine on the chat box 🙂

Frnd: Hi mate ! wassup ?

Me: hi there . long time no see . hw r u ? 🙂

Frnd: ……………………………………..

He sent me some link to have a look at , saying that it was history of some website which he had blogged .I wondered may be it is the history of Wikipedia or Google . lol…… but i found it to be some warez website.The topic said that the site was started with some computer geeks of some school in chennai and how the website was started with just 5 members and now has more that 8k members around the globe .It was quite interesting to read because I was one among the 5 who started that :P.

And i looked around the other stuff in his blog and found them pretty cool . So i thought may be this could be a good way to express myself to others and hence came this blog of mine … 🙂

Going puzzled as what to name this , i thought for a while and named as Creativentechno . Well the future is all about Creativity and Technology and hence the name .

I thought i will share all that i know to you ……..

This is my First post here . I’m not so good at language . Sorry if something went wrong .